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Types of towbar

There are three main types of towbar.

  • Detachable
  • Retractable
  • Fixed

Detachable Towbar

Detachable towbar systems have grown increasingly popular as they have the added benefit of not being on the vehicle when not required, thus maintaining the aesthetic look of the vehicle. When removed from the vehicle very little of the towbar is visible, you won't bang your legs when using the boot and there is no interference with the reversing sensors.

Westfalia detachable towbars are easy to fit and use, reliable, and are Europe's benchmark for this product type.

All Westfalia detachable towbars have been designed and manufactured specifically for each vehicle. Westfalia have detachable towbars suitable for use on most vehicle makes and models.

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Automatic (Quick Release)

The vertical automatic system is nearly always invisible, leaves minimal bumper cut where necessary and is easy to remove via a quick release system. To use the automatic system the removable towball neck is inserted into its housing from below (vertically). The removable towball is secured against theft by means of a lock. The system uses three balls that hold it secure in the housing, without any play or wear. This ensures total safety, yet easy operation and the highest level of security. The towball is secured by means of a lock.

A small automatic system with a horizontally fitting towball is also available. As with the vertical the towball is secured against theft by means of a lock.

Retractable Towbar

The retractable towbar system is one of the latest innovations by Westfalia and offers the ultimate in convenience and ease of use. A retractable towbar works either electrically or via a conveniently positioned release mechanism. The towbar automatically swivels out from below the bumper in seconds and can be used immediately. When the towbar is not in use, neither the towbar or the electrical sockets can be seen therefore maintaining the clean, aesthetic look of the vehicle.

Westfalia have been manufacturing and supplying retractable towbars to the OEM market for line fit and original accessory supply for many years. This is a testament to the quality of Westfalia towbars that makes them the first choice for many of the world's leading motor vehicle manufacturers.

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Fixed Towbars

Westfalia offer a range of fixed towbar systems. As well as being functional and easy to fit, fixed towbars also offer excellent value for money.

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Swan Neck

The Swan Neck is the most common type of towbar used across Europe and is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. The towball and neck are all one piece. The Swan Neck is aesthetically pleasing and being a slimmer profile to a flange towbar is less likely to trigger your parking sensors. With this type of towbar you can either tow or attach a cycle carrier load carrying system but you can't do both at the same time.

Flange Ball

Compatible with a wide range of vehicles the Flange Ball was traditionally favoured in the UK, in particular, when blade stabilisers were developed to help stabilise the caravan. The introduction of modern stabilisers that are built into the trailer coupling head largely removes the need for this type of towbar on cars. Commercial vehicles are used to tow a wide variety of different trailers, which can have different coupling heads. Here the Flange Ball design can really come into its own, providing versatility and the ability to use different types of towballs.