Westfalia / Knowledge Centre / Which towbar do I need?

When choosing a towbar you should take the following into account before making your purchase:

  • What do I need a towbar for? eg. towing and / or mounting a cycle carrier, etc
  • If towing, what do I want to tow and how heavy is it? If you want to tow and carry cycles at the same time you need to include the weight of the bikes into your nose weight limit
  • Always check the towing capacity of your vehicle in the vehicle handbook
  • A towbar is designed to tow the maximum towing capacity stated by the vehicle manufacturer
  • Will the towbar affect the vehicles parking sensors?
  • What sort of electrical kit do I need?
  • If you have bought a second hand vehicle with a towbar already attached, make sure the towbar is suitable for whatever you plan to tow
  • If in doubt about what type of towbar is suitable for you requirements check with your Westfalia Fitting Partner